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Dedicated to pairing our clients with the very best candidates

Paramount Placement Professionals (P3) is an experienced recruiting firm located in Florida. Our mission is to provide highly qualified Information Technology, Finance and Accounting, Supply Chain and Medical Professionals to our customers. We source a broad range of professionals, but one trait we always look for is character. We can't be all things to all corporations, but we are very good at finding the most talented professionals and introducing them to our preferred clients.  So if you are trying to expand your IT Department, Finance and Accounting Team, need Supply Chain Professionals, or are trying to grow your Hospital or Medical Group, P3 can help you reach your goals. 

Vaughn Paunovich
 SVP Bank of America

"Year after year, Jeff's resume to interview ratio was first rate, and so was his interview to hire ratio. I could rely on Jeff's candidates to be a strong fit for our organization, and was confident that the one candidate Jeff would send me would be starting right away.”


"Jeff is very focused on helping his clients be successful, and is very good at providing the best talent available. The IT professionals he found for my group exceeded my expectations, and Jeff's commitment to understanding our team's culture, and technology challenges were second to none." 

Mike Scott
Bank of America

“Jeff is very good at understanding the needs of a client, and finding the right fit for our organization.  I could count on Jeff to deliver a strong candidate in a timely manner, and would see that candidate working in our building a short time later."  

Wayne Smith
IT Director JP Morgan
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